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New insights to improve your outreach campaigns and maximize ROI

According to recent data, worldwide, the number of emails sent and received per day in 2023 is 347.3 billion—a 4.3% increase from the previous year, when the number of emails sent and received per day registered at 333.2 billion. This figure is set to further increase by a similar margin in 2024, hitting 361.6 billion. It shows that using email campaigns is still one of the most important sales channels. Let's discuss the main elements that we need to manage: 1) Relevant prospects base.

It means you have to make sure that all of your data on potential customers is accurate.

2) Email automation software.

You need to find software that will be secure, guarantee spam-free email campaigns, and technically work without errors.

3) Develop the email sequences.

They must be based on your clients' ICP, their industry, and their titles, to make your email catchy, value-based, with a clear call to action, and with the right purpose/idea/energy.

As a result, you will have conversations only with the right future clients and you will avoid irrelevant conversations with people who are not ready to work with you.

4) Re-engagement or Nurturing campaigns.

Based on internal analytics sometimes you can win the deal from your 1st sent message, or 3 messages, but sometimes you need to send 19 messages to have the right conversation with your future clients. The idea here is to be persistent, highlight the real value of working with you/using your product/service, etc, and build long-term relationships through conducting re-engagement campaigns.

5) Follow-up strategy.

Based on our approach we can get back 10% of potential clients who “remain silent”.

If you re-think the idea of your follow-up strategy you potentially can have up to 10% of clients who are on pause/ hold/didn't reply to your offer etc. The main idea is not to push them but to be in touch and do “client education” on your offering.

Right now we are comparing the results of using email and LinkedIn outreach campaigns and we have noticed that on LinkedIn people react and act much faster. It indicates that you can diversify your sales channels and add LinkedIn as a 2nd channel for outreach campaigns. Let’s look at some stats:

1) You send 40 invites/day or 800 invites/month per 1 account 2) Your acceptance rate is 30% or 240 potential buyers who add you and are open to your offering 3) Your “interested” rate is 10% or 24 potential buyers with whom you start conversations 4) Your winning rate is 5% or 12 potential buyers with whom you have a demo call, send the proposal and look forward to beginning cooperation. P.S. Right now we are covering up to 5 LinkedIn profiles/monthly with stable premium quality to run sales managers outreach campaigns. If you have a great sales team you definitely need to explore our expertise to add it to your sales environment to get maximum scalability and get more opportunities to win. Hope this helps for your future wins, and please feel free to speak with us regarding sales-related issues. P.S. In case you need to build and manage outbound sales for your business, would love to share our expertise and implement it from A to Z. Book your individual sales session with us here.

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