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A new approach to running worldwide B2B outbound sales.

It is without the hassle and focused on efficiency. Everything is changing but the architecture of implementation of B2B outbound sales is still the same. Let's discuss the main elements and upgrades that influence your sales growth. 1) Clear or not clear understanding of your potential clients.

Yes, you need to understand where they are located, what their position in the company is, company size, and industry. Have a look at how to do a quick research on your next clients.

LinkedIn Industries that we are targeting (complete lists are here), 480 + industries are completely available on LinkedIn but you need to identify the most relevant to your business. 2) Creating email and LinkedIn templates.

Please invest your time in it as it is the second most powerful tool and your negotiations will depend on your value-based messages. 3) Developing lead-generation strategy.

Everyone wants quick results but reality sometimes shows that the best way is to diversify risks and work on a few markets and industries simultaneously to receive the results that you planned some way or other.

4) Working professionally with your potential clients.

When you arrange demo calls, and send the proposals, it is very important to implement a client journey roadmap into your sales outreach processes. If you are not asking questions and do not want to clarify the situation, sending follow-ups, to say the least, is not your cup of tea, you will have fewer chances to proceed to the next steps and finally sign agreements. 5) If your sales cycle is long, please invest more energy into the preparation of re-engagement campaigns and staying in touch with your potential clients.

We know it is boring but it is the only way to gain the trust of your next clients and finally take part in fruitful negotiations later and sign lucrative long-term contracts. 6) A/B testing and monthly updates of performance reports.

We know you have a lot of data from outreach campaigns but the most crucial is to be able to see everything in one document and change/update/improve the next outreach campaigns. If you monitor the data and gather proper analytics you can go with a clear understanding of what is needed, what to highlight in the messages, and how to prioritize sales operations to speed up the sales cycle and focus on what really matters and invest energy in the right way. Hope this helps and happy hunting! P.S. In case you need to build and manage outbound sales for your business, would love to share our expertise and implement it from A to Z. Book your individual sales session with us here.

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