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Addition Advisory was built to provide full-cycle sales operations and consultancy services to extend your outbound sales and make engagement more effective. The idea behind this is to provide complete sales operations services so you can focus on other business areas.

We are focused on the following  areas:

01 Outbound automation. Based on ICP, we set up automated campaigns on email and LinkedIn. We continuously test different messaging and audiences to reach prospective clients. We help with lead generation to prepare precise lists of potential clients based on your ICP requirements, create different e-mail template messages, and set-up campaigns. All of our email campaign messages will be in your prospective client’s Inbox folder since we guarantee that they will be not in the spam. As a result, you get warm leads ready to jump on a call to learn more about your product or services.

02 Inbound automation. We employ the power of social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) and search engines Google and YouTube. We craft landing pages with high-value content (e-books, free consultations, cheat sheets, webinars) to get prospective clients from your website.

03 Brand management. Your social media and blog are some of the first places that you prospective clients check. We make sure you are well presented across all digital touchpoints, including your sales materials.

04 Sales Advisory. We examine your current sales pipeline and define possible areas for improvement, including ideal client profile (ICP) and value proposition. Here we share our insights based on our experience and expertise in cold sales to make your sales growth smarter and faster.

05 Outsourced sales department. Too busy to deal with every prospect? Worry not. We’ll make a dedicated team, based on your requirements, so you can concentrate on the vital areas of your business. We help with selecting and hiring SDRs to extend your sales team in Ukraine and worldwide.

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