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Addition Advisory is a full-cycle company that is focused on B2B sales and marketing automation. We design an effective sales pipeline to help you create predictable and sustainable business growth.

When we create a sales workflow we provide the right prospects, send drip campaigns of emails, make communication on Linkedin to deliver new opportunities. Now we are responsible for sales operations on your behalf.

We are not just an agency - we are your sales partner.


360-degree sales and marketing support. Employ the power of both outbound and inbound marketing - no need to hire various vendors.
We understand and know how to build cold sales engagement actions that brings results


Focused expertise. We have established workflows and know what really works in B2B sales. We are responsible and control every step which we do in cold email campaigns, LinkedIn outreach campaigns on your behalf


Individual approach. No one size fits all solutions. We provide real value and build long-term relationships with our partners


We never stop and research to learn the latest sales techniques to be on top of your competition

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