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How to do account management properly?

Bill Gates once told, “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”. We think that this sentence is not full and our version will be the following “If your message is not at the top of potential clients’ email box, you are not in-game”. Let’s check why Bill Gates is wrong and how your sales team can be winners. Nowadays the situation is the following everyone is trying to buy more advertisements and get more ROI, but in B2B commerce, your marketing materials and pitching are nothing until you have told your customer how your service/product can be of help to their specific scenarios/challenges. Even more, we heard through the grapevine that Google and Facebook are losing ground and we strongly recommend finding alternative ways to engage potential clients. As you may know, building an outbound sales channel is the answer to the current situation.

Let’s discuss practical things which will enhance your sales operations:

1) SPEED. Previously we did work 5 days a week only during working hours, but now you should be online 7days per week, replying to requests in 1 hour or maximum on the same day.

2) FOCUS. The main problem is that CEOs and Sales guys are so busy doing additional steps for potential clients, they don’t want to invest in the pre-sales phase, gathering customers’ requirements and sharing actionable steps for future cooperation. The main goal of sales is to sign an agreement and get an invoice paid. The problem with such a vision is well, all right, you have received your money now but will it be the case in 2 months or 20s? Your goal is to serve other businesses and successfully implement solutions. If you only care about invoices paid as well as your monetary outcome without investing in long-term cooperation, optimization, and improvements, well, you have no chance to win.

3) PERSISTENCY + PASSION. Managing replies that you receive, working in your CRM doing the follow-ups are really important and will help you to define extra questions which you need to clarify and prepare a relevant offer for your potential clients. Also, you need to re-check your demo calls to improve the pitch, make sure that you care about your potential clients, and have all their needs discussed. If they see only your passion for the product/service and your indifference to their needs, situation, internal problems, etc. you will never be their partner. And the last one - people don’t like to be sold but they love to buy from you. We hope our advice is helpful and we are wishing you new wins! P.S. If you need to re-check your current sales workflows and make an audit of your operations please speak with us we have some cool things for implementation.

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