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How can you do engagement campaigns more precise and catchy?

Why does your lead generation process of identifying promising businesses matter? We believe that in your company professional guys must be working in the sales and marketing departments who can implement different strategies for outreach campaigns based on internal business goals and expertise that they already have. But we noticed in most cases that deep dive into market research, preparation of most relevant prospects, “polishing” email/LinkedIn templates, and value-based offering creation are extremely difficult tasks for them. Your sales guys are not ready to invest their time and efforts as well as they don't have enough expertise in doing the above-mentioned. You can hear the following as the result of their work – “We did this and that but it is not working, the sales department made bad demo calls, prospects are not ready to buy, etc”. If your sales team wants to be focused on establishing a long-term relationship with potential customers and using our lifehacks while working we can recommend the following items to upgrade: 1) Analyze your existing clients, and go through the list of potential clients who are planning to sign an agreement with you as well as the deals that you lost. What you will see is the titles of the clients, geography, industry, and company size. You can track all the history in your CRM and think about upgrading your proposals or preparing follow-up messages. Here you can find more info on this process LinkedIn updates Industries list 2022. Why? How does it help to upgrade my lead generation flow?

2) When you do lead generation work, the crucial here is to target prospects with relevant company sizes who are located in the right industries and geographical places. You can improve it only when you do your homework on analyzing your CRM deals, and received previous replies and your current communication. Such analysis will allow you to invest your time and efforts in the most promising prospects and not send your outreach campaigns to irrelevant prospects and industries, therefore your efficiency will be higher as you will focus on quality instead of volumes of your emails, etc.

3) Work with the CRM. As you know, during demo calls it is very important not only to show all features of your product/solution but also to discuss why your solution will help to resolve your client's challenges. Do follow-ups as it is the key stage in gaining trust in your messages. You need to educate your prospects about why you are the right fit for solving their issues. Without follow-ups, you can not proceed to the next steps. What we noticed from working with our clients is that their sales guys are very motivated when they correspond with potential clients or make demo calls. But when the proposal has been sent, they do not want to continue making additional steps in checking what is happening, why there is no answer from the client, and analyze where they can be better at working with the client's concerns, etc. 4) When you implement a hunting strategy to find new businesses you must take extra steps in sending additional outreach campaigns out because in B2B you can close a deal in a 1-4 months sales cycle. So if you stay in touch with your potential clients you have a higher chance to start working with them because they will know you well enough to say one day “yes, I know he can help me, let's start a discussion”. We sincerely hope that these thoughts might be useful for you and we are wishing you new wins. P.S. In case you need assistance with research, precise lead generation, email/LinkedIn template creation, management of email campaigns, and performance analytics, our team is here to build, deliver, improve and manage it for you. Let's do it now! Let’s arrange an individual brainstorm session by this link.

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