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LinkedIn updates Industries list 2022. Why? How does it help to upgrade my lead generation flow?

From May 2022, LinkedIn started updating companies' industry lists. If previously there were 148 industries now Linkedin is offering 450+. It means that now you have a chance to do even more efficient lead generation work and target the right companies based on your preferences. We decided to gather all New LinkedIn Industries list 2022 and are ready to share it with you, plus we will describe the workflow to identify a new potential business for you. So let's imagine that we have the following situation in our business:

1) When we open our CRM we have a list of clients to whom we already sell our services/product

2) Next step should be the following - we need to figure out where exactly we can find similar clients (and for that, you have to identify industry), company size (employees headcount/company size), and position/title of the existing clients on Linkedin.

Accenture, to find similar clients we should target companies from IT services and IT consulting with 10000+ employees.

Tesla, to find similar and future clients we should target companies from Motor Vehicle Manufacturing industry with 10000+ employees. * Please note if you have clients in small or medium companies size it means you can prepare this particular range or a full range of sizes: Small + Medium (company headcount employees) 1-10 10-50 50-200 200-500 500-1000 Enterprise-level 1000-5000 5000-10000 10000+ *Please note when you check the position/title of existing/potential clients try to have more positions to make your sales more efficient (For example in most cases CEO/Founder will buy from you as they are decision-makers, but if the company is huge it can be Head of Sales/Marketing/IT/Finance/Purchasing as well, so you need to include all of the above-mentioned positions/titles in your campaigns) For example, your priorities are the following: 1) Founder, Owner, Co-founder, Co-owner, CEO, Managing director, General Manager, COO, Chief operation officer, Managing partner,

2) CTO, CIO, IT Director, Head of software development, VP of engineering, Head of IT

3) Director, Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing Director, Chief Financial Officer, VP of Marketing, VP of sales, Head of sales, Head of Marketing, Business development director, VP of Finance Here we will see the result where we can start lead generation work (industries, company size, titles + Country/city if needed) and preparation of engagement campaigns.

We hope it will help and we wish you new wins. P.S. Please find the updated LinkedIn industries list 2022 + examples here. In case you need assistance with research, precise lead generation, email/LinkedIn template creation, management of email campaigns, and performance analytics, our team is here to build, deliver, improve and manage it for you.

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