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Why you should be tough in the sales process?

Every day we receive a crazy amount of replies, messages, and requests. Working remotely now means that you should be a smart head and online 24/7 as well as act fast. In negotiations it is very important to find the right strategy in the way how you build a discussion with your future client, sometimes you should be soft, flexible, or tough. Today we will discuss cases why tough is cool and how it raises your efficiency: 1) Be focused Every month you have some amount of replies, some amount of demo/intro calls and, some amount of signed contracts. Unfortunately in cold sales, BDMs, SDRs sometimes we can witness a lack of sales ethics, experience in negotiations, and understanding the word “long-term run”. Most sales representatives try to make a presentation, later send a proposal, do 1-2 follow-ups, and disappear. Try to open your calendar and check how many calls you made and compare it with deals in your CRM. If you invest your energy only into working with promising future clients your performance will be on the same level and you will have the average results. Add the following habit - try to listen to your demo calls conversations, double-check the messages which you send after, and analyze why you failed if there is silence in the air )))). If you are strong enough to find out the truth about your work, just call your customers via mobile to ask why they are not ready to proceed or ask their help to understand what was wrong in your pitch, offering, etc.

2) Demo calls/Intro calls do matter and can be the last in your life, hope not Once in 3 months, we send requests for the demo to some service providers, most of them are SaaS businesses. The idea behind this is to check what the level of experience of SDR is, hear about innovative solutions, listen to the pitch, and check the offering and follow-up strategy after. Unfortunately, we are not happy with this journey, only a few of them are really skilled guys. Long-story-short 1) Your demo call should always be well-prepared. If you don’t know the product, don’t understand real business values, and use it for specific clients not what marketing guys shared with you, you will never hear the story behind and real challenges of your future clients to make a proposal. 2) Working with concerns. Our favourite part, here is where the real conversation starts. Try to be strong and show your clients why your product is better, share what they did wrong last time, and please tell them the truth) 3) Follow-ups. Just resend your messages which you have to your wife and ask if she will reply to them. Well, if the answer is “not” you need to fix it. If seriously, in follow-ups you need to push the discussion to the next stage of your pipeline and add extra steps. The more follow-ups you do the more info, insights, and money you get. Being polite and flexible is very good but quite often you should be strong and tough in negotiations. It will show that you are a high-level professional, your product/service is a right fit and you will get an open door when the game starts. Don't be a little bitch, respect your future clients, respect yourself and make commitments which you can deliver.

Wishing you new wins.

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