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Why should I invest in outbound sales?

Today, in our completely digital and mostly remote world we are thinking about digital transformation, efficiency, service or product improvements, and brand awareness. But very few companies understand all these things are of minor importance until your sales guys strike deals with clients. Now it is time to check why outbound sales are most important for your business:

1) When you do marketing campaigns using ads you always get requests in your forms and after you start working with the potential clients. The problem here is that you are spending money and never know what type of client fills your web form in.

* We recommend switching from Waiting to Acting or Hunting. As you know we are working in a very competitive environment and now you win only if you get the attention and your offering message lands on top of the client email box.

2) When you get the replies from Ads or any other promotional activities you are focused on the short-term game. Your sales team is focused only on winning the deal as fast as possible.

* We recommend thinking about the long-term run. When you do smart email campaigns you know exactly who your potential clients are, their title, company size, industry, and location. Instead of waiting, you choose the right potential fit for you. Even if you get replies such as “We are not interested” or “not now” or “we are using the services of your competitor”, you have the chance to share your offering and get back with a follow-up to check if something has changed.

3) Inbound traffic sales technique is important, as it takes less time to get new clients. The problem here is the budget, it is expensive and you never know what type of clients you will receive (even if you do the perfect campaigns setup of your ads).

If you invest in outbound sales you can always check the capacity of markets, prepare the different email templates, manage and select your top lists of future clients. It is a long-term run but it is affordable and brings you, new clients, in 4-6 months of hard work.

P.S. If you are planning to divide risks and need help with the creation of outbound sales we are happy to share our experience, approach, software to manage these types of sales activities smartly and efficiently.

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