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Why do I need to run re-engagement campaigns to increase sales?

Let's imagine that you did perfect lead-generation work to create the potential buyers' list, prepared catchy content, and managed all pre-sales activities in the right way but the outcome is not satisfactory. What should you do in this case? We recommend using a hunting strategy and nurturing approach in all of your outreach campaigns to maximize the efforts. A hunting strategy means that you actively and systematically stay in touch with your potential clients.

Normally as soon as your campaigns are finished in one country/industry you are going to a different one to continue. The problem is that 99% of your competitors are doing exactly the same, so you should continue hunting but also be smart and re-engage with your potential prospects again to outsmart your competitors and get your potential client’s attention again.

Running re-engagement campaigns is like playing a chess game (where you need to play out different scenarios in your head before you move or at least realize the different ways of winning) and consists of the following elements: 1) Create new content. It can be the updates from your company on

  • how you started working with a new client. Share this story with your potential clients.

  • you improved your efficiency and this approach/service can also help your clients.

  • you do specific workshops and discuss the challenges and solutions that you can offer.

The main idea here is to share value-based content with people and therefore they could get back to you and share their own challenges to start a new venture with you.

2) Establish a clear sales pipeline and manage it accordingly.

It will allow you to share different content based on your target groups and send follow-ups at the right time. 3) Outbound channels to use. We recommend running email campaigns (high volume) and LinkedIn outreach campaigns (low volume) to divide the risks and make sure that you use your time efficiently. 4) Work, work, work, repeat. Yes, you did the first re-engagement campaigns and are planning a new one. You need to keep the following points in mind: - As basically, no one cares about you, keep going until you have a reaction - Your prospects are lazy, they are in their comfort zone, but your goal is to share value-based content and solutions in such a way that it would make them have a conversation with you - Your offering is unclear. It means you need to rewrite the offering, play out and show different scenarios, situations, results, cases, etc. so they finally realize why they must talk to you immediately) - Your company is good but your potential clients have 40 similar offerings a day from your competitors. You can win only by value-based content, perseverance, and showing the value of working together. - You are lazy. This means you need to double-check all of your communication processes and find the gaps that you can improve. Try to play chess and you will be able to generate new ideas and improve your sales operations. 😊 Hope this helps and keep going! In case you need to build and manage outbound sales for your business, would love to share our expertise and implement it from A to Z. Book your individual sales session with us here.

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