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Why do I need to implement outbound sales? Architecture, Software, Outcome…

As you may know, a lot of businesses are still investing a lot of money in inbound sales (it can be Facebook ads campaigns, LinkedIn ads campaigns, and of course PPC campaigns). The problem is these companies hope that someone from Facebook or Google will be working extremely hard to bring them new clients and make them successful. We must disappoint you as their ultimate goal is to earn money for themselves. They don't care about the results and the maximum that they can do for you is to provide you with some potential buyers. If you are working in a B2B area you must definitely invest and work using outbound sales. Let's check the main points: 1) Leadgeneration. Here you can select countries, industries, company sizes, and titles of your future clients. So you can make sure that you do outreach campaigns only for relevant businesses. 2) Email campaigns. Using the right software that automates the process of email campaigns allows you to run 5-8 different campaigns simultaneously. By doing it you will diversify the risks, test new industries, and expand into new markets faster. Later you can prepare re-engagement campaigns to share regular updates from your business and re-check the customer’s demands. The sales campaign strategy is divided into 2 directions.

The First direction is hunting campaigns and the Second direction is nurturing campaigns.

So you get new clients via 2 types of campaigns and stay regularly connected with your potential clients.

3) LinkedIn outreach campaigns. Using the right software that automates the process of LinkedIn campaigns allows you to run 2-5 campaigns per month as well as automate manual tasks. In this case, you will only stay focused on working with potential clients who either arranged a demo call with you or sent a request for clarification of your terms. LinkedIn is a very powerful tool because your clients can verify you in seconds and arrange a meeting or discussion immediately. The main rule of successful Linkedin outreach campaigns is to do it for relevant prospects and technically manage the processes. 4) Reports. When you do different campaigns you need to track the progress to see the real picture and areas of improvement. We developed a special detailed report where you can see the complete picture of lead-generation processes and results of email and LinkedIn campaigns. Using real data on performance can help with updating the strategy and improving the elements of future campaigns. 5) Scalability. In every business, it is very important to have customer acquisition channels and business opportunities. That's why you should focus on the quantity and quality of your prospects, and the volume of email messages to make sure that they land in the inbox not the spam, and diversify the channels (in our case we use email and LinkedIn). Test your offering and different countries, verticals, company sizes, and titles of your prospects. In case you need to build and manage outbound sales for your business, would love to share our expertise and implement it from A to Z. Book your individual sales session with us here.

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