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Why are outbound sales the most required channel and why is it that you failed last time?

Right now the situation has completely changed, what we see now is that the hot topic is how to stay ahead of the competition, how to make sure that I contact the relevant clients, and guarantee that my emails are landing in their inbox folder. Some businesses continue to invest in marketing direction and try to promote themselves on social media and other platforms, but still, the main problem is when SDRs are going for demo calls, clients are not ready to buy, or they are just curious about the product. But businesses continue to apply the same approach and spend more budget money on it with the hope that there will be the right clients for them. That is definitely not the right thing to do.

When your mindset is to wait, not to hunt you will never be successful in sales. 

Let's check how to build your outbound sales and why you failed last time.

1) Firstly you need to buy a domain name that will be similar to your existing one. For

example, you have a domain name as you can register a new domain as a (.tech, . ai, net etc). It is very important because later you will use this new

domain to set up a g suite for it.

2) For outbound sales it is very important to have everything new with a clear history. So the

next step is you will register your g suite email box with your new domain. Please keep in

mind that you need to fix your spf, dkim, dmarc settings.

3) Check the market and find the email automation software to make sure that everything will be automated and delivered.

4) To start the lead generation process, make sure that you understand where your future

clients are located (Country, specific city), which industry (Computer software, Airlines,

Mining & Metals etc) if you need to target small businesses or all business sizes (1-1000

employees or 1- 10000+), rethink prospect clients’ titles ( it should be C-level like Owner,

Managing director, COO, or Head of Sales, Head of marketing too).

Here you will have 2 options, for valid prospects, you can use them only for e-mail

campaigns for not valid precisely for LinkedIn outreach campaigns (please keep in mind that now you can send no more than 400 invites/month)

5) Speak with your sales team to prepare value-based email templates, think about subjects, and update your sales presentation, brochures etc.

6) When you do lead generation make sure that your amount of leads are enough to start

email campaigns for a long-term run. The best thing is to upload new contacts every Friday

so your sales machine will never stop. Check with your email provider how many emails you

can send per month if you send less than 3000-6000 emails every month you are not serious in this process.

Why did you fail last time?

1) You didn't have quality prospects and you didn't re-check them before sending emails.

2) Your sending volume is too small (to send1200 emails/month is very low to have at least

statistical chances).

3) Email templates is shitty, no value-based offerings, they are not catchy

4) You did not work with replies perfectly as well as you didn't do enough follow-ups and

make calls to receive a demo meeting.

5) Email software is not professional and your settings are incorrect.

Today is the perfect time to start building your outbound sales and rebuild your existing sales processes! Wishing you good luck and new wins!

P.S We are crazy about precise lead-generation, do daily email campaigns management and optimization, and are ready to build it from scratch so finally, you will be able to focus only on meetings and offers for your future clients.

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