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Why and how can you upgrade your usage of LinkedIn for your cold outbound sales?Ukrainian approach

When you do sales engagement with your future partners usually you may use advertising on social media etc, email campaigns, and LinkedIn as an additional source of communication in B2B sales. Today we would like to share more info regarding using your LinkedIn to build trust and meaningful relationships on a practical level without the fluff. Usually, sales guys use LinkedIn Sales navigator to do the precise lead-generation part of work to find the promising future partners based on Geography, Industry, Company size, Titles, and their client’s ICP. Most of sales reps simply automate the sales flow as follows: they upload the clients’ Linkedin profiles, create 1-5 messages and use LinkedIn automation as or A few years ago it was a good idea but after Linkedin implemented limitations to 400 invites per month it is not effective for high volumes?

We would like to focus on Manual work or you can automate it if you want. The idea is the following when you do email campaigns you have the data which you can analyze. For example from all campaigns, you can see who exactly opened your messages, clicked on your links, replied, and unsubscribed. If you want to use the second chance to get the attention you can use LinkedIn. For example, you get all the contacts that opened an e-mail but not replied, clicked on it but did not reply and you can prepare a separate part of work using LinkedIn for that. It is a good idea because you can mention that you have sent a few messages to them in your next email and that’s why you have decided to try LinkedIn. You may get the following responses - Stop sending messages to me and Yes, it is very useful, let's speak, and some others which accept your invitations but still do not reply. You can give them one more chance and invite them to read the news from your company page on LinkedIn and recontact such people later. The outcome is the following: 1) Get the data from email campaigns and prepare the next steps for them 2) Check your LinkedIn profile, create a company page if needed, and speak with the marketing team regarding a marketing plan of content that you can also use. 3) Prepare catchy and value-based LinkedIn templates 4) Work on your CRM with all the details of communication and do follow-ups with updates, questions, news, etc. 5) Focus on the long-term run and invest in building relationships and ask about their challenges, as the more info you get the more precise solutions you can recommend to your future partners. Most sales guys prefer changing the regions, trying new emails, and LinkedIn templates, improving their offering and calling to action but they don't want to take additional steps to get attention on LinkedIn, Whatsapp etc. When you do B2B sales you should be focused on how your solutions/product can help with your partners’ challenges. If you only promote your product/solutions without adding extra care to your future partners and showing them a real value proposition of working with you, as well as you don’t have persistence in the communication - you will never succeed in this game. The outcome of the above mentioned is the following: 1) Focus on quality, not on volumes, analyze the data you receive. 2) Do persistent and catchy follow-ups and try to get attention in different sales channels such as LinkedIn, Whatsapp, phone calls, etc. 3) Differentiate your sales channels and test and mix different templates 4) Build your network on LinkedIn, post valuable content but please don't do it daily (1-2 per month is more than enough)) P.S. Please feel free to speak with us regarding your current sales situation so we can thoroughly analyze it and then work out and implement the action plan for every stage of your sales.

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