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What to do if after a fruitful meeting you haven't received a reply?

As you know in sales there are a lot of preparational stages you go through before you get a reply to have a call. Your team checks the market capacity, thinks about content, does precise lead-generation, starts sending email campaigns to get replies. Of course, the main goal is to sign an agreement but if you take the wrong steps conversion will still be at the same low level, and even after meetings you will see that only a few of them will be ready to start cooperation with you.

Let's check what we can improve here:

1) Do smart lead generation, unfortunately, volume is important but the quality of your future clients is a key point here.

2) Test different industries to see the performance. You can find the complete industries list on LinkedIn here. You might miss some of the industries (in that case you can always check your existing clients from CRM to see what industry they are in on their company page on LinkedIn).

3) Use the right email automation software and check the performance. You will see very valuable info so you can upgrade your sales approach.

4) Do the right thing in the management of your CRM. Let's say that you have 100 replies every month, 20 of them are ready to have a meeting immediately, 40 have sent a request and disappeared after your reply or they have told you ”Could you please reach out us again in_monthes”, 40 are currently working with your competitors.

The main idea here is to understand and use different sales approaches to work with them.

Here are 2 main areas where you can show that you are professional:

In the first part when a question is sent and there is no response after you reply it can mean either your price is too high for them or it is not exactly what they are looking for or they just need to have more info from you. At this stage, SDRs after 2 additional steps of messages mark this deal as lost as they don't want to invest more time, they are not ready to upgrade their message part and don't have a desire to call them or even send more messages on LinkedIn, Whatsapp, etc.

In the second part, where you can see replies such as “Thanks, we are working with your competitors”. Here you can ask “Are you happy with them?” And share your presentation as your conditions may be much better.

* There was a meeting and after that, you sent a proposal, and then - there is silence. That means that you should improve your performance during the call, rethink the proposal and the most important is to be persistent and do smart follow-ups.

P.S If you see that you are facing such issues, it is the right time to speak with us so we can share our approach and re-build your sales operations.

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