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Secrets of Follow-ups

In sales, the most important part is not only focusing on initial discussions with potential clients but also developing a follow-up strategy for future activities.

Let's imagine the following sales operations flow:

  1. We conducted a perfect demo meeting. After the call, we analyzed the scope of work, requirements, and expectations, and finally developed a unique proposal.

  2. We sent the offer to the potential client.

  3. We didn’t receive a reply, so we sent a message to check in, but still received no response.

  4. We marked them as “lost” in the CRM.

What is the problem here and what can you improve?

  1. Understand that your client might be busy. This means you should stay in contact with them until you get a proper and clear answer.

  2. Keep in mind that they might be checking alternatives with your competitors. Feel free to ask questions about what is important to your client and what their criteria for selection are.

  3. Your client might not be in a rush and not ready to start working with you immediately. Figure out their timeline and learn how to manage their journey with you.

  4. Your client might be unresponsive. This is a tough one, but be patient. Discuss the next steps with them and continue sending follow-up messages.

  5. Your client may need to discuss internally with their team. Offer to do a demo for their team so you can understand their internal dynamics, address concerns, manage expectations, and gather more information.

  6. Your next clients might not respond at all. Develop re-engagement campaigns for this type of audience. They may come back when it becomes urgent for them, and you will have built more trust during that period.

Sales cycles are getting longer. That’s why you need to rethink your approach for your outreach campaigns and develop a sales content strategy for your re-engagement campaigns. On average, it takes 9-13 touches to start a discussion with your next clients. Here are examples of timing for some verticals analyzed by Outreach.

Hope this helps and wishing you new wins. P.S. If you're looking to build and manage outbound sales for your business, we'd love to share our expertise and guide you through the process. Book your individual sales session with us here.

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