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Sales outbound channels: email campaigns or LinkedIn engagement?

For any type of business, engagement with the clients is the top priority for the sales and marketing teams. Without communication and scalability, you can’t update your existing clients and pitch your potential clients. At Addition Advisory, for outbound sales, we recommend focusing on email campaigns and LinkedIn engagement, and let's check why. 1) Email campaigns. Let's imagine that you are planning to start a sales extension for new markets and need to get the attention of your future clients. How can you deliver your value

proposition to them? If you are lazy enough and have a substantial budget you can make advertisements on Facebook, LinkedIn and even do Google AdWords campaigns. Wait a minute, it has not brought you good results? It means you need to change your marketing team or vendor, update your messages, recheck how SDRs communicate with your potential clients, or … you can try to start building your own campaigns using an email channel for that. Here is a brief guide on what you should do to implement it: a) Create your own potential clients' lists, but make sure that it is updated and contains only verified emails.

b) Find email automated platforms where you can set up different email campaigns and check the stats to improve your next campaigns.

c) Set up the new domain and new G Suite account to make sure that spf, dkim, and dmarc settings work properly.

d) Prepare different subjects for a/b testing and several email templates with perfect value proposition in them.

Now you are ready to get your first replies and hopefully new contracts.

2) LinkedIn engagement. As you may know, there are 2 most efficient ways to start communication with your potential clients. It is either to start adding them manually or automate the process. At this stage you should focus on the following:

a) When you send an invite, always add a note. So the person will have the option to add you or decline your invite. If he adds you it means he is prepared and he realizes what next you are planning to share with him. you can concentrate on prospects who have minimal

interest in your activity.

b) Always do follow-ups. After acceptance, you can share more info about your offering. Based on our experience we recommend having 2 messages after the invite message.

c) Forget about 100-200 invites/day. LinkedIn is smart enough so now you will be lucky if you can send 30-70 a day. The last trend is that LinkedIn checks your open/reply rate and can give you more invites if your campaigns are efficient.

To sum up.

If you are planning to start outbound sales you should have 2 channels.

The first one will be email campaigns where you send several messages only to valid and verified emails. And the second one, you will have a huge amount of prospects whose email addresses are wrong so you can add them on LinkedIn to have more chances of covering.

P.S. If you need help with launching your outbound sales we are here to help and build sales workflows that will include your sales targets and elements that you currently have.

Wishing you new wins.

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