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Out of office/ on vacation … is almost finished. Are you ready for Q3/Q4 sales season?

Summer is the perfect time to get a break, have a vacation, and become refreshed but not the best period for sales activities. Now, this is the right time to analyze your sales situation, check your CRM, re-design your sales strategy and think about extensions to new markets. Let’s check what you can do to start the new sales season in a smart way.

1) Think about your existing clients. Why are they working with you? Where are they based? What was your value proposition? When you analyze this information you can find a lot of interesting facts which you can use for your outreach campaigns. Maybe you will find out that not all industries are covered completely and you still have opportunities in main regions and it is possible to start extensions into new markets/industries.

2) Think about your sales materials, what type of content you use, which sales channels are most effective. When you have done the analytics you can find out that your presentation needs to be updated, email templates are not so value-based or you would like to test different outreach strategies. If you do email campaigns make sure that it is efficient, try to work with priority clients using LinkedIn.

3) Think about your CRM sales pipeline situation. It is the most important part because you can find why clients don't want to speak with you after the reply/ after the demo call/ after the commercial offer/ and please take a lot of time to work with future clients on the stand-by stage. If you rethink the sales operations you will raise your efficiency and correspondingly you will have more demo calls, more signed contracts, and the growth of your future clients.

4) Is working remotely good or bad? It is very cool but you need to show up to grow your network, meet your future clients and check the business trends at international conferences. Yes, you can do it online but remember that being human is still a good thing so please don't hesitate to arrange meetings or to meet people in person.

P.S. If you need advice or help with starting outbound sales for your business, please just let us know. We would love to share our approach and help build sales operations that will be prepared based on your sales expectations and requirements.

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