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I have $1.000.000 potential invoices from my clients but I can't sign any agreements with them.

What is wrong and what to do? Today we will speak about the situation when we, as sales pros, worked hard, made excellent demo calls with potential clients, and even sent them custom and aligned proposals but unfortunately, as a result, we are facing a low win rate.

Let's divide it into a few very crucial steps: 1) Double-check how you did your demo calls. Was it absolutely perfect or do you see areas of improvement? Make sure you discussed and aligned the next steps of your mutual journey with a potential client prior to the end of the meeting and he definitely knows what to expect as the result of your discussion. 2) Proposal preparation. Here make sure that your offering is clear, all conditions are described, and you replied to all questions that your potential clients asked. You prepared and attached additional info that is crucial for them while reviewing your offering. And finally, your call to action is clear, you need to build and manage your client's journey because if they don't know what to do next you can’t proceed to the next steps. 3) Follow-up strategy. When you see that your clients don’t reply and you don't understand what to do next, keep going and prepare a follow-up strategy with the right follow-up messages. 90% of the salespeople give up after sending 1 or 2 messages. You need to understand that working with you is risky for new clients, they don't know you, they don't trust you, and they don't care about you but they care about their business and the potential outcome of cooperation with you.

Front the above-mentioned we can conclude the following:

1) Until they believe you, trust you and understand the value of working with you, the risk of working with you is lower than the outcome/value that they will have by working with you - until that you can’t start the onboarding process.

2) You are not a proactive sales guy.

By saying that I mean that your level of energy might be low, or you don't take extra steps to describe your value proposition, share recent case studies, or convince your clients that your solutions are better than their existing ones. If you use only one channel of communication, add LinkedIn and WhatsApp, and do the follow-ups until they tell you “yes, where do I need to sign to start our cooperation”.

3) Build long-term relationships and invest in potential cooperation, take additional steps, make clarifications and learn more about how you can add extra value to the client’s business. If your mindset is more of a “taker”, not a “giver” you will be always running as a mouse on the wheel.

4) Prepare a “human content” strategy that you can use systematically to educate your potential clients. Always leave your door open so they can get back later when the requirements in your service arise. Some food for thought:

If you check how venture capital firms work you will see that their success is built in the following way: they invest money in 10 startups but get profit from only 1 or 2 companies, and this income is enough to continue playing in this game. In conclusion, I recommend that you always build new opportunities, maintain existing relationships and improve your sales skills to be head and shoulders above the competition.

Think outside the box, act instead of overthinking, and be faster and luckier than other sales guys. Wishing you new wins and am always happy to speak with you. P.S. In case you need assistance with research, precise lead generation, email/LinkedIn template creation, management of email and LinkedIn outreach campaigns, and performance analytics, our team is here to build, deliver, improve and manage it for you. Let's do it now! Let’s arrange an individual brainstorming session by this link.

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