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How to start selling abroad? Your outbound sales guide is ready to go

Today we see that the world is completely open for remote selling. Everyone is trying and almost finished with the digitalization of their processes, and knows how to cooperate remotely. That means that if your sales are focused only on local markets it is the right time to start expanding into new markets and countries. We have prepared a complete guide for remote outbound sales and it consists of the following:

1) Analyze your existing clients. That means that you need to check which industries they are from, and what the titles of your clients are. Be ready to test new industries. You can find all industries on LinkedIn where you can find your next clients. Re-Think about clients' ICP, what is the required company size for you, which countries you would like to target as your first priority.

2) Content creation. If you see that you have unlimited potential clients we would recommend preparing 3-4 messages in your email campaigns. If you are a product company and have complicated solutions it is better for you to send at least 5-12 messages in a campaign.

Now it is very cool to use video in your messages, update your presentation, testimonials, re-think your real value proposition, everything that helps your potential clients understand that you will be a right fit.

3) Email automation platform. It is very important because you should check your campaign's stats, update content and make improvements. Make sure that you can track your spam rating and check your domain performance. Before starting it, make sure that the technical settings are correct.

4) LinkedIn campaigns. Right now it is not a good time for LinkedIn campaigns because of the limit of 400 invites/month. But you can still focus on your high-priority potential clients and do engagement with them.

5) Choose the right CRM. We recommend checking and work with Hubspot, Pipedrive, or Close. When you get new replies you should organize your sales pipeline, it is more important to do real account management because in B2B sales you are playing in a long-term run so please invest your time, energy, and efforts into that.

Wishing you new wins.

P.S. We are building and delivering full-cycle outbound sales for our partners. So we are here to help with smart lead generation, email campaigns management, and sales advisory solutions to deliver the first contracts in 2-4 months.

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