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How to smartly create effective email campaigns for your future clients?

If you work with outbound sales and mostly deal with cold leads you should be very well prepared for any engagement activities with your next clients. The main problem here is that they don't know you and don't care about your service offering. To start building new relationships and get their attention we recommend focusing on the following:

1) Create a lead list of prospects. At this point, you should define where you can find the list of your leads. It can be on LinkedIn, special niched platforms, conferences, etc. Categorize your prospects by countries, industries, company sizes to make sure that your messages will be very precise and attractive. Remove irrelevant titles from the lead list to make it more accurate. Think really hard about your unique value proposition, ask yourself which challenges you can help your clients with, why they should have a call with you and invest their time into a discussion with you.

2) E-mail automated platforms. Before starting any e-mail activities you should select the right platform for sending emails. Test different providers to make sure that their deliverability at a high-level, their design is user-friendly, you have enough data to compare and improve the next campaigns, and there is integration with your CRM to minimize manual activities of your SDRs. At this stage, you should create 3-5 messages that you will send to your leads, think about content and make A/B testing of different subjects to control open and reply rates. We strongly recommend analyzing your clients' needs to make your messages more attractive, useful, and valuable for your future clients. Provide the additional info like presentation, case-study, some testimonials so they could quickly realize that you understand their business and can submit the right solutions. Then they will happy to start a discussion with you.

3) Do follow-ups. When you have new deals in your CRM you will find that some clients do not reply when you send a proposal to them. That means that you should add more energy and analyze what you can add to your offering, ask about their concerns, provide some proofs. In B2B sales you can win a deal in a month but sometimes it can take more time and most salespersons lose deals when they don't receive feedback from the clients. Try to nurture your future clients, send updates, articles, new case studies related to their field, and even sometimes simply ask how life is going. Your goal is to gain trust and build a relationship. If you have communication only via email try to send messages on LinkedIn, WhatsApp, or even do calls (in urgent cases) so they will understand that you are serious and investing a lot of efforts to deliver the right solution to them.

P.S If you don't know how to set up outbound sales directions for your business we are ready to support you and create workflows at every stage to deliver new clients for you.

Wishing you success with your precise email campaigns!

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