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How to do sales and continue delivering through war and uncertain situations? Ukrainian approach

As you know the war is raging in Ukraine and “russian animals” will definitely be defeated soon. Each and every one of us is trying to help and support the Ukrainian army and civil people who are fighting every second of their lives to free Ukrainian land from russian invasion and so-called “russian peace”. Everyone is trying to do their best and one of that is to continue doing business to continue delivering and fulfilling commitments. Let's check what you can do to: 1) Tell your partners the real situation and what is happening in your country and in business. 2) If you want to make sure that you continue delivering the same level of service consistently, it is better to rebuild and reshape the business processes in such a way that it will allow you to prepare some sections of the work ahead of time. By doing so you can guarantee to deliver your service on time and in full scale and even if something goes wrong you will be well prepared in advance. The key thing is that your partners are also doing business and the part of your work is crucial for them.

3) Make sure that your involvement and quality of work are of a high standard and please don't deliver partly done work. 4) Make sure that your employees have a salary upfront, they are fully equipped and have your full attention and support at every step of the workflow. 5) Make sure you are paying taxes and thus supporting your country in these difficult times. Hope that it will help you to stay motivated and you need to know that we will definitely win. P.S. Adding a link where you can donate to the Ukrainian army directly. Stay safe and Slava Ukraine!

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