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How to build sales in 2021? Inbound VS Outbound?

There are 2 different sales channels that you can use for your sales growth.

The first one is the Inbound sales channel. With this variant, you will have requests from your potential clients through your website form, when you run with Google or Facebook/LinkedIn ads you receive details of your potential clients that you can use to make future engagement with them. Unfortunately, this channel is very expensive, complicated and you need to make a lot of efforts to get desirable results with it.

The second channel is called Outbound sales. It is the fastest channel to start the engagement and have new contracts shortly (on average sales cycle in B2B sales varies between 2-4 months).

Firstly, you should prepare a list of potential prospects which will be very precise because you can filter it by geography, industry, company size, and titles of your prospects. We would highly recommend using LinkedIn Sales Navigator for this type of research.

Secondly, you should start sending customized messages to your future clients. In the market, you can find a lot of email automation platform providers but you need to find one that will ideally fit your business requirements. Additionally, you can have conversations with your potential clients on LinkedIn manually or think about automating it.

We also recommend attending the international conferences as it is a perfect chance to be close to your potential clients and promote your business offerings via using your conference app to be able to start a conversation with them.

Another very good channel is to find selected groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. These are perfect platforms to share your articles and researches to attract attention and engage with people in those groups.

To sum up, if you have a limited budget it is better for you to start with the Outbound sales. In this case, you can have engagement campaigns on LinkedIn and enhance them with automated email campaigns.

If you are eager to meet your sales goals with an outbound sales channel we are always here to help!

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