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How to build outbound sales engagement with clients in 2021?

Persistence, constancy, long-term mindset, an extension of your network, and automation of the business processes will make you invincible this year.

If you are planning to extend your sales channels and make it scalable to enter new markets faster you definitely need to set up an outbound direction in your business. Here we developed and divided the process into the following steps to make it easier for you to implement it and get new clients:

1) Redesign your Value proposition

One of the important things is the content that you share with your potential clients. Messages that you send in an email or LinkedIn campaigns are extremely crucial. While preparing email campaigns refresh your messages, think about REAL VALUE and BENEFITS that you can offer for your next clients, make A/B tests of the subject lines, analyze and improve next campaigns. We always feel great when we get replies to arrange demo or intro calls. But don't get upset when you notice that there will be quite a lot of people who will not reply. For such potential customers prepare special campaigns later and follow-up with your updates a minimum of once a month. You will find out that some of them will be your clients 3-6 months later so don’t miss this opportunity.

2) Define the sales channels of engagement

The most powerful approach is still to use personalized email and LinkedIn campaigns. To get the most accurate lists of potential clients for your engagement campaigns we recommend using LinkedIn sales navigator, if you want to do it more precisely you can generate leads through specific platforms that have a lot of weight in your business niche. For example, if you are an IT company you can register on where you will see your competitors and also can have some inbound leads. In regards to LinkedIn campaigns - send invites and grow your connections to speed up the sales cycle. Also, it is a perfect step to contact people that can’t be reached out via your email campaigns.

Select the specific conferences and participate in them. It is a very good channel to make engagement with your potential clients, most of them provide delegate lists on the web and mobile app so you can reach them out directly via the app and send personalized email campaigns. 3) Control and manage your CRM

It is super important to have an immediate picture of your sales progress. When you create a new deal while making some updates to it you need to have one source of truthful information, so pay attention to all the details, make sure that history is updated and you have tasks to make the next steps in your pipeline.

Most salespeople give up after 1-2 follow-ups with the clients and if they don't receive a reply they simply close the deal in CRM and fail. Try to automate your follow-ups and always take some extra actions: post a new article, share your updates, call them, send messages on LinkedIn, Whatsapp, etc., try to build a connection and earn the trust to start communication with you.

Wishing you new wins!

P.S. If you feel that refreshment of your existing campaigns is required or you plan to build your outbound sales from scratch just let us know we are here to help.

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