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How to build an outbound sales channel and expand your markets in 2022?

Last year was very fruitful because B2B clients decided to digitize their workflows and keep their ears open for new info and be more ready for cooperation with foreigners. This means that now you definitely have access to new markets and can build your outbound sales direction. What do you need to start? 1) Create a new domain that will be similar to your existing domain. Please check it here. Then you need to create google workspace email box using your new domain name. Please check spf,dkim,dmarc settings with your IT guys to make sure that it will be working properly and you will have a low spam rate. 2) Open your CRM and check who your existing clients are and open their LinkedIn page. For example, your client is Sony and when you open their LinkedIn page you will see that their industry is Entertainment. The next step is to check their company size either it is small (1-50), midsize (50-500) or large (500 - 10000+ employees). Next thing is to check your clients’ titles if he/she is CEO, Head of Marketing or CTO. Now you have a thorough understanding of your clients’ titles, industry/ies, company sizes, and of course, don’t forget to check where the companies are situated geographically. 3) You need to think carefully and deeply about the email templates, subjects and value-based offerings you will be promoting. In regards to email sequences, they can be 1-4, 1-7, 1-12, and depends on how complicated your product/service is. Please make sure that you have a perfect presentation, articles, videos, testimonials, onboarding videos, etc., which you can use.

4) Start the lead gen process and make it repeatable and unstoppable to find the relevant businesses and get their corporate email addresses. Recheck each and every prospect to make sure it is potentially the right fit for you. 5) Find email-automation software to make sure that you will have a low spam rating and send a sufficient volume of emails per day. 6) Be persistent in doing follow-ups and stay patient. Wishing you new wins and long-term clients in 2022! P.S. We are in charge of precise lead generation, creating email templates, and daily management of email campaigns to give you unlimited channels to find new businesses smartly. Let us know if you need help so we can demonstrate how we can set up and manage these processes for you from A to Z.

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