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Advanced sales engagement techniques

When you use email campaigns for your outbound sales you can find that not all of your potential clients get your offering. The reason is simple: not all of them open your email. Let's imagine that your open rate is 40-60% when all of your emails have been sent. After that salespeople usually just stop their email campaigns and try to test another market, location etc, again and again. The solution is the following: export all of the leads which have not been opened during your campaign, update the subject, improve your offering and you have a second chance to cover all of your planned potential clients.

Another important thing is when you start email campaigns you can see that only 40-70% of your target group have a valid email address, so what can you do with the other part? Prepare separate LinkedIn campaigns so you can also make engagement with them.

The hottest option is to be able to see exactly who from your potential clients visited your website, saw a presentation, watched a video etc. It allows you to prepare separate email campaigns for them, and start engagement on LinkedIn to speed up the process. Of course, what gets the most attention is very valuable info to know and analyze deeply to improve your CTA in the message (now they are not ready to proceed to the next steps). When you receive replies you can see the following picture:

1) Let’s speak, please send more details. Perfect, let's do a great demo and check requirements to go to the next steps.

2) Not now, let's speak in 6 months, please contact my colleague …., we are working with your competitor. That means that either the potential client has not understood the value to start working with you now or he is not ready to change his vendor. It is a good chance to start building relationships with them, asking questions and providing solutions, explaining why you will be better for them, and doing smart follow-ups ( lots of them ))))).

3) Not interested. It is the best reply! This means that either the client understood everything from your message/es or he is working with your competitor. Mostly there is no money here.

If you have a preset lead list of companies which you would like to outreach, prepare different touches of contacts ( if it is only C-level, think about lower positions as sometimes they will be more interested to use your product and convince their boss to work with you).

P.S. If you feel that you are missing opportunities, we are here to check your sales workflow and develop actionable steps to grow faster.

Wishing you new wins.

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