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Act as an idiot as it really works with finding new clients?

Today we go deeper into one of the most interesting questions in our sales job, which is this - should I create outreach content and act like an Idiot or act as a smart sales professional?

Every day you may receive a lot of emails or LinkedIn messages and some of them are perfect but some of them are super shitty.

Let's see how to create empowering content for the messages you will be sending in your outbound sales campaigns. 1) Make sure that you have a clear understanding of what your potential clients should do. What is the call-to-action in your messages? Should they visit your website, arrange a meeting, reply to your message, register for a webinar, or sign-up for your product? 2) When you create a sequence of messages make sure that they add value to your future clients as they need to understand WHAT you are doing, and WHY your solution/product is good to implement in their business environment.

It will be farsighted if you find a way to incorporate in your emails your previous cases/testimonials in an elegant way so you will be able to gain more trust and more chances for your offering to be considered thoroughly.

While you are creating content for the campaign consider if sending 3 messages is enough. Meaning, your solution/product might be complicated and you need to do 12-16 “touches” until you receive positive feedback. 3) In your content don't even try to make your client feel guilty, or add additional stress to him hinting he owes you something, or God forbid blackmail him by mentioning that it is the last message from you.

To sum it up, let's check the main mistakes: 1) No clear positioning of your offering

2) Not clear call-to-action

3) You are tough, pushy, and too salesy, you deceive, and make your clients feel guilty by sending messages like “Have you checked my previous message yet? It is my last email. I’ve tried to call you but you haven’t answered me (even though you were not going to call them=))

4) You send silly and senseless follow-ups. That’s a very big No-No. Believe me, no one likes stupid sales guys.

Instead, we recommend using a client education approach. The main idea is in every message you should describe different scenarios of implementation of your service/product and one day the customer will realize that what you write does make sense and you will have a very intelligent meeting.

5) Sometimes you may have a temptation to treat your potential clients as idiots and you begin to communicate with them inappropriately, especially when you feel you are a Star here and you are running the Show. At this time imagine that your customer is your wife/friend and rewrite the content of your message with a more human approach.

İn conclusion, our additional advice is :

Always highlight the most valuable inputs in your offering, don’t bring everything in the emails, and create a visual mess. Divide your ideas into logical steps so they would be catchy and easy to follow. Therefore you increase your chances to have a fruitful discussion with a customer.

Be professional when you make demo calls! Make sure you did your homework, gathered all the necessary information, and stayed focused on your client's needs not on your interests and you will perform perfectly. We sincerely hope our ideas and insights will help to improve the content of your messages and make them more customer-centric and therefore you will get more qualified requests/meetings etc. In case you need help with setting-up outbound sales from A to Z, feel free to get individual session with us to make a discovery call. Keep going!

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