We are your strong sales growth partner

Our team is created to help you build the right engagement processes with your future clients. We do sales audits and consultancy helping to create a real value proposition, automate the smart lead-generation process using the latest outbound tactics and software to bring you the right clients, and focus on the most important issues of your business.

Our Services

In Addition we use a human and custom-tailored approach to build and automate your sales machine


Redesign your sales processes

We will check out how your sales process is currently working

How long is your sales cycle?

What are your best-closed deals, from which industry, their size? What is your buyer's profile?

Outsourced Sales Department

Hiring the right sales players


Training and mentoring of the sales team


Defining a sales strategy and development of a tactical plan for its implementation


Sales operations. Lead Prospecting and Automation of e-mail campaigns and LinkedIn outreach

Here we will set up LinkedIn Sales navigator to find your potential clients

Think up and write your e-mail with several templates to reach them out by e-mail platform automatically

Define the strategy and message templates to start using and adding the right clients through LinkedIn for the most wanted clients

Sales advisory

Discuss how to automate your sales process and use lead generation tools effectively

Select the right conferences to attend and find contacts from attendees

Tune on how to arrange a personal meeting at the conference and how to follow-up prospective clients after the event

How to be not in spam and make your e-mail box with a good reputation and deliverability

Account management

Your complete marketing support to reach your business objectives.

Brand awareness advertising campaigns on Google, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Inbound lead generation.

Social media management.

Content creation: case studies, blog articles, sales collateral.

Weekly email newsletters.

Let's discuss it

We know how complicated it is to engage and build meaningful relationships with clients so let us share our approach to enhance your business with our team.