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Special program for UA owners

Dear Ukrainian businesses and Ukrainians who are forced to do business abroad! Addition Advisory’s team is ready to invest our expertise into growing your sales and continue entering new markets. We develop a special program for UA owners and will support you with the following:

  1. Check your existing sales processes.

  2. Check your existing list of clients to prepare custom-made analytics.

  3. Prepare the report on market capacity based on Country/Industry that you are targeting or would like to explore. We also recommend the compelling markets for you based on our expertise.

  4. Share our approach to precise lead-generation, email campaigns management and LinkedIn outreach campaigns. We are willing to share our insights that will help your business to grow exponentially, steadily and on increasing scale.

As an outcome of our FREE brainstorm session you’ll get an analysis of the current ‘’hitches and glitches’’ in your sales and recommendations for various market extensions. You will get hands on experience on how to reach out potential prospects and businesses. As a bonus, we’ll show you our approach on how we develop, upgrade and deliver our partners' sales outreach campaigns worldwide. Let’s extend your sales for entering for a new markets now, we also ready to invest our expertise and help you, feel free to choose a convenient time by this link and waiting you for our brainstorm sales session. Slava Ukraini! P.S. In case you need assistance with research, precise lead generation, email/LinkedIn template creation, management of email campaigns, and performance analytics, our team is here to build, deliver, improve and manage it for you.

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