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How to prepare value-based email templates and maximize the efforts of your email outreach campaigns

347.3 billion emails are sent and received daily worldwide in 2023 according to recent data, —a 4.3% increase from the previous year when the number of emails sent and received per day registered at 333.2 billion. Basically, it means that email campaigns are the most powerful outreach channel to create new opportunities for your business and find new clients systematically and on a scale.

Are your marketing team or you are talking about how running email campaigns brings low performance? Well, if you have a big budget it is very easy simply to run Facebook ads etc, but do they really work for your business? When you receive inquiries are they a good fit for your business?

Long story short, let's discuss what to do if you want to participate in this game again: 1) You need to register your new business domain that will be similar to what you have now but with a few changes. For example, if you have then you need to go to to buy a new domain and you can choose and buy a similar name there. 2) Your next step is after you have bought the domain you have to register a google workspace account to use the email. Please make sure that all of your spf,dkim,dmarc settings are set up properly. 3) Choose the automation marketing software created for outbound sales and connect it with your new google workspace account. You are technically done. Now we need to discuss the most crucial part which is the preparation of the email templates which you will be using for your outreach email campaigns: 1) You have to define how many messages you plan to send. 1, 2, or 3 messages will be enough. As you know if previously you could send 3 messages and it was enough to get attention, arrange meetings etc. Now it is more complicated ( as people’s attention span got shorter :)))))…so think about sending at least 3 to 8 messages in your email campaign. Usually, if your prospects are interested they will reply to your 1 or 3 messages, but if you are working in a competitive environment we would recommend testing at least 3-5 messages in your first wave of campaigns. Pros You can prepare your email templates in a very interesting way to share different content and smart call-to-action at the end of messages.

It will allow your prospect to understand what you do better, read about your previous case studies, realize your value proposition, and get unique info that is very relevant to them and gain more trust to have a discussion with you. Cons You are limited with the time and the more messages you send the fewer new prospects you can reach out to. It means when you are building your prospect lead list make sure that your offering will be interesting for them and select the prospects with whom you would like to work very carefully. Main points that you need to use in your email templates: 1) Tone of your voice ( message ). It is very important to use words that are focused on value. When you are rude, arrogant, too pushy, or salesy, and you think that your services are the best in the World …. Believe us you have 0 chances. 2) Architecture of your email templates. Think about the following:

  • what is the most interesting in your business,

  • which services are the most required and why,

  • why do your clients work with you, not with your competitors,

  • what do you offer and deliver differently from your competitors,

  • when you get feedback from your clients or testimonials on what they highlight the most in doing business with you.

Do you have sales materials ( it can be a presentation, case studies, a roadmap, a service offering, etc)? Maybe you have testimonials from your clients but you don't show your future clients that you have already succeeded and have deep expertise to handle similar challenges. Collect all the above-mentioned info and pack it in your email templates and divide it into several steps. Please make sure that you provide a clear call to action so your prospects will know what to do next. 3) Do quality work. While you are developing your email templates make sure that your info is relevant, value-based, straight to the point, and caters to customers’ needs and daily challenges. Your words ( vocabulary ) must be put in layman’s terms, even your grandma should be able to understand what you are talking about. Make your email simple but original, as well as try to differentiate it from your competitors' pitches 4) Think a little bit outside of the box. If everyone is saying that your messages should be short, maybe it is a good idea to make them longer, more informative, and value-based. Everyone is currently working 5 days a week, maybe you need to run campaigns 7 days per week and have extra 8 days every month? Be different, be unique !!! While you are working on your email messages read them one more time, make sure that every word is in the right place, you describe all the main points, share the most interesting info, testimonials, case studies, videos, articles etc., and your call to action messages are interesting, catchy and outstanding. Well, you are done here, and we wish you happy hunting! P.S. If you need help with developing sales email and LinkedIn outreach campaigns, preparation of precise prospects lists, as well as management and delivery of your campaigns, would love to speak.

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