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How to make intro/demo calls efficiently?

One of the very important steps is to make call arrangements with your clients. Unfortunately, CEOs and SDRs are not always prepared for calls and most deals do not necessarily lead to contracts.

Let's check what you can improve here:

1) You have sent an invite for a call, congrats as the small part of your work is done. Try to find the client website or LinkedIn page to analyze from which message they replied to you. When you have gathered info about the client you will have a better understanding of what you should say in a call and which info will be most valuable for him.

2) In case you need to add your CEO or head of the department or other team players to a call it is your responsibility to share info with your team and discuss the plan of future call. You may find some interesting case/s or previous experiences that you can use in a call to suggest and convince your client that your team can succeed and be the right vendor.

3) Finally when you start a call try to figure out all important issues for the client, what interests him most as well as agree with him on the agenda of the call. Don't make 10 min intro of your company. Tell the client the only info that might be helpful to identify you as the right service provider. At the first stage of the call when you want to share your screen to show all of your product's features, please don't do it, focus only on key areas. Ask about client’s issues, what they are using now, what the main challenges are for them, and only after that you can demonstrate the solution and dive deeper into it.

4) Q&A session. Here you should ask questions that the client may have and work with his concerns. Speak about the next steps, it is your responsibility to educate and manage the client's path.

5) Preliminary commercial offer. If you use ready templates you should apply the info that you gathered in a call.

In your offer, it is necessary, to sum up the client’s concerns and provide answers to them, add relevant cases, testimonials, or any materials that can help make the next step.

If only you manage client calls in your company, be always prepared for them. Remember the more relevant info and “artifacts” you gathered the more it demonstrates your professional level for the client and it will convince him to take the next step with you. If you are in high-level sales and need help by adding your company’s team players make sure that everyone is on the same page and has enough motivation for performing at their best.

For the client, it is very important to have answers to the following questions after your call.

1) Is your solution can help and fit all requirements?

2) Are you strong enough to deliver?

3) Is your price fair and affordable?

Wishing you new wins!

P.S. Periodically you need to refresh your sales operations. If you see that a lot of deals are not won it is a sign for future improvement. Please contact us, we can conduct an analysis and prepare an actionable plan for your sales growth.

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