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How to find new businesses faster and digitize the sales workflow?

As the summer season is over for the companies it means the sales team must be ready for the busy period of negotiations with customers for the coming q3 and q4 2022. Right now we want to share some key things you can implement in your sales department ( the vital part of your business ) and upgrade your sales outreach approach: 1) Do precise lead generation work. For now, your future clients have a lot of stuff to do and as always are busy, so our goal is to find the relevant prospects, create value-based email/LinkedIn templates, and put together a catchy campaign. Finally, it is the period of time when the quality of your work is more important than the number of actions you do. Therefore it is better to do deep research for your sales materials, proposals, testimonials, cases, email/LinkedIn templates, follow-up strategy, nurturing campaigns… basically, everything that can help your prospects realize that you can guide and assist them and therefore they can trust you. Another important thing is to understand where you can find similar target businesses and for that could you please have a look at this article.

Also please check your industry-related conferences where you can find new people who may need your solutions. It is a good way to get market insights to stay professional in your field. 2) Build independent and scalable sales channels for your engagement outreach campaigns. It can be email campaigns, LinkedIn campaigns, Facebook/LinkedIn ads, Google ads, closed community groups, etc. The more channels you have the more opportunities you can get. It is very important to measure the result and do further improvements, not every day but let's say every month or once a quarter. Within this period you will gather enough data for analysis and you will be able to review the figures and understand which country, industry, and company size you can reach next and what didn’t work for you and why. 3) Audit your performance. Let's imagine you have 50 replies monthly, 20 of them you are converting into demo calls, how many of them are converted into contracts (less than 1%, 10%, 50%)? Believe me, when you make an audit of your campaign you will understand that in some cases you were lazy and not engaged in discussions during calls, or you didn't send follow-up messages to some of your prospects before or after conversations or proposals were shitty and not precise…..

And last, when you hear what you talk about and how you pitch (yes, you can record the calls) you can definitely find lots of areas for improvement. 4) Digitise the manual tasks and automate some parts of sales operations, focusing on quality. If you use email software you must find the best one, connect it with your CRM or find a better one, so interesting prospect

s will be transferred automatically into CRM.

Prepare and regularly deliver content for your re-engagement and nurturing campaigns as it is very important and valuable when your values are to focus on the long-term run and establish meaningful relationships with customers.

Your prospects must realize that you are serious and sell solutions (not milk-and-water) to provide real value, market insights, and important information so that one day they can get back and start working with you. P.S. In case you need assistance with research, precise lead generation, email/LinkedIn template creation, management of email campaigns, and performance analytics, our team is here to build, deliver, improve and manage it for you.

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