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Ethics in outbound sales. How to stay human in a virtual workspace?

Today we’ve noticed a very interesting thing - when you do the engagement campaigns you are not worried about the ethical side of sales. Previously you were so professional, so polite, checked everything about your clients, sent birthday wishes, but now you take care only about your KPIs and money in your pocket. Let's check what’s happened and what to do to stay human:

1) Today we have a lot of good solutions for call booking. You are simply telling your potential clients: “Could please book a call by this link” and then you see 50% of them booking a call

with you. After that only the brave and persevering do follow-ups to arrange a meeting and then what ?.... clients just give you the time and you manually schedule a call in your calendar.

The hint here is to use the old school approach with the following question “When do you have time to speak this week?” and insert your favorite Сalendly etc link for booking).

2) Let’s imagine that you’ve scheduled a call and the client has not accepted it. In this case, simply do a reminder before a call with a link for joining. It will help your client to join and you

will show your respect.

3) It is a very crazy situation when your client has never spoken to you and he’s received a message “Thank you for our call” and some info regarding your product. It is very bad, please check your automation sequences because it shows that you absolutely don't care.

4) You’ve done a perfect demo call and after that, you simply have sent a generic proposal. It is totally unprofessional because during the call you get client’s questions/concerns you

definitely should sum up in your offering.

If you haven’t received a reply please do at least 2-4 follow-ups using email, WhatsApp, Linkedin, etc. These actions will show your client that you are serious and definitely can deliver the right solution for his business.

5) When you see replies such as “Where did you get my contact? Do you want to have problems with DGPR? or any other hurtful words – you need to be professional and reply that you’ve found his contact on his website.

For GDPR issues, simply don't reply to 1-2 messages, speak with your lawyers and vendor provider (they know what to do with your “smartest potential clients”).

Finally, when you receive a very unprofessional reply from your potential client with bad wording, first try to be polite and ask for his advice.

If it is absolutely unprofessional we recommend marking his message as spam.

If you are young in sales negotiations and your company is so cool in the digitalization of the sales processes, try to read old school books as you will find very useful old strategies and you will definitely stand out amongst your competitors.

P.S. Please let us know if you feel a lack of sales ethics and need help with checking the situation with your deals and follow-up strategy, we are here to help.

Wishing you new wins.

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